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Idearium connects your toughest business challenges with your employees' best ideas

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Your company has to face innovation challenges every day to stay ahead of the competition. Innovation is a matter of putting together talent and communication. Idearium is the perfect idea management software, through which business leaders can instantly improve their connections with latent sources of talent.

Innovation software for your work force

Your employees know your company better than anybody. Take advantage of their knowledge to ensure business continuity and growth. Engaging your employees actively in your business involves an ongoing improvement process in all departments: Research and development, sales, finance, HR, or marketing for instance.

However, you are not necessarily fully aware of all the immediate challenges your business is facing. Idearium, the next generation business innovation software, will help you connect your company's board, managers and experts with employees, customers and collaborators to take your company to the next level.

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Idearium software has lot of great features!

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Your employees will love Idearium

  • Every employee will now become part of a community of innovators
  • They will solve your toughest business challenges, getting instantly credited for it
  • Idearium will help them to build up a direct contribution to your company, with transparent publications of ideas
  • Ideas and challenges can be edited and posted from any device at any time. Idearium will improve their engagement
  • Feedback is the key to know if you are working in the right direction. Idearium is focused on providing real-time feedback